A Beginner’s Guide to Video Marketing Campaigns on LinkedIn

by | Jul 16, 2020 | LinkedIn Lead Generation

LinkedIn is one of the largest recruitment platforms on the internet today, and it is still growing. Thousands of brands and organisations are on this network, and its reach spans several countries. Getting your brand noticed on LinkedIn is valuable, especially if you are a B2B company looking to make headway into lead generation and conversion.

Keep in mind, though, that people are behind the brands and companies on LinkedIn. Whether it is a small company or a large corporation, the organisations you see on the platform have a human viewer or team behind them. Appealing to these people is the first thing you should do to launch a successful campaign on LinkedIn—here are the first things you could do to start.

Grab their attention immediately

Arguably, the first ten seconds of an ad is its most important real estate. In this frame, you should capture your audience’s attention, set the mood, and introduce or hint at what you are selling. According to LinkedIn, a typical viewer loses interest in an ad after ten seconds, which is why you must use this time wisely and get the bulk of your message across.

Furthermore, the platform says that the best performing advertisements clock in at 15 seconds or less. For brand awareness, though, you can stretch this out to videos spanning half a minute, since you can rely on the novelty of being a new company.

Account for silent viewing

Optimise your ads for people who choose to watch with the volume down. Your videos should have descriptive imagery, and the actors’ facial expressions must be clear and understandable without sound. Use the platform’s closed captioning feature as well, and make sure you upload your transcript when you launch the ad. 

Muting your advertisement is also a test of its effectiveness—if you can get your message across without sound, you are probably saying things pretty well.

Include a call-to-action in the ad

When your video ends, the viewer should have an additional step to follow. A call-to-action brings ROI optimisation. If you have a CTA, you prevent your audience from transferring to a shiny new attraction online. Towards the last five seconds, tell your viewers to sign up for a demo, click on a link, follow your company page, or perform another task that would lead them to your digital assets. If you do not do this, they are as good as lost. You have to recapture them next time.

Hire a professional to make your ad

Video quality is one of the biggest factors why a person would keep watching an advertisement. Invest in high-quality production, or hire a team with good cameras, lighting, tripods, editing software, and more. If you do not align your video with industry standards, it will be easy for viewers to scroll past it online. 

Hire an agency to conceptualise and execute your ad. There are plenty of options for small business owners—you do not need to break the bank to hire a video production company today.

In Conclusion

Video marketing helps brands reach more people today. Putting videos on social media platforms like LinkedIn opens organisations to markets and potential clients that they otherwise would not have accessed. Getting these people’s attention, though, comes down to producing high-quality clips that keep them engaged.

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Christopher O'Brien

Christopher O'Brien


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