3 Effective Ways to Optimise Your B2B Lead Generation Campaign

by | Jul 31, 2020 | LinkedIn Lead Generation

Digital marketing techniques help B2B companies by filling the top of their sales funnels with leads that can be converted to business opportunities and additional revenue. The challenge, however, is in ensuring that you are spending more effort and resources towards generating qualified leads. 

For B2Bs, a successful lead generation and conversion campaign entails finding company decision-makers to convince them to patronise your service. This can be done by taking advantage of their specific business needs and offering them a service for it at an optimum cost. While combing through leads can be challenging for anybody, there are ways to attract more quality leads to your sales funnel in a way that makes sense for your bottom-line. 

Here are three ways to optimise your B2B lead generation campaign to help boost your business success in your field.

1. Refine Your Ideal Customer Profile And Buyer Personas

You can optimise your ad spend by strategically defining two categories: the type of companies you want to sell to, and the right kind of decision-makers who can make the deal happen. These two categories are called ideal customer profile and buyer personas. 

If your business has been around for a while—and have already developed your products and services—then you probably already have both categories identified. However, if your lead generation and conversion campaign hasn’t been generating quality leads, you can adjust spending and focus on better-performing ICPs. 

Additionally, it’s a good idea to check your buyer personas.  After all, you could be targeting the right ICPs with messaging that doesn’t work for their decision-makers.

Aligning these two categories together will help you adjust your messaging to help you focus your efforts towards a higher rate of success. After all, even the best marketing strategy can fail if targeted toward the wrong audience—so take some time to review your data!

In building your ICP, you should also be familiar in using audience exclusions. This allows you to target leads with particular messages that are appropriate for their position in the sales funnel. Utilising the right message at the right time can push them further towards a purchase—which is the goal in the long run.

2. Use Search Engine Marketing 

Utilising search engine marketing (SEM) is great for generating qualified leads because the simple act of searching is already a good sign of intent. In generating qualified leads, you should be strategic in targeting relevant keywords that a project manager, HR supervisor, or marketing officer could be using in their search terms. Targeting for keywords referring to challenges in their line of work, specific features of your own product, or even keywords referring to your competitors are a good place to start. 

3. Get into Social Ad Campaigns

Social media platforms are excellent tools for lead generation—these offer a breadth of information that can be used for precise targeting. Provided that you understand the key demographic focus and targeting features of each platform, you will be able to do effective lead generation even without search triggers. 

For example, LinkedIn allows marketers to target users based on work-related descriptors, such as job titles, tenure, skills, industries they’ve worked for, and more. B2B companies should be comfortable with doing lead generation in LinkedIn, which generally attracts business-minded people in its network. 

Using Facebook is also a great option. Aside from its enormous user base, Facebook ads are one of the most powerful advertising tools in the world. Not only does it let you use self-reported data such as age, location, gender, educational attainment, and marital status, among other things, but it also lets you target for behaviour, interests, and engagement. 


B2B lead generation can be optimised through strategically improving your lead acquisition process. Whether these improvements come from refining your ICPs or from improving your funnel building process, the important thing is that your decisions are data-driven. To this end, you and your company will benefit from the services of companies that specialise in lead acquisition, generation, and conversion. 

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