Why Use LinkedIn Lead Gen Strategies in Your Marketing Plan

by | Aug 6, 2020 | LinkedIn Lead Generation

Business to business social media can be challenging since it attempts to connect organisations instead of people. One way to make this process easy is by connecting through LinkedIn. 

This social platform allows business buyers to network with other professionals in their industry. Since it directly serves their niche, B2B marketers must take advantage of the unique opportunities presented by being on LinkedIn. 

Here are four reasons why your company should consider establishing a strong company presence on this site:

It allows you to develop as a thought leader

LinkedIn has several features that enable individuals to position themselves as thought leaders. It is a place for CEOs, communications officers, marketing departments, or other company managers to produce content that relates to their business’ vision.

Writing and developing pieces about the company is not just for managers, though. Employees who are on the platform can also write reflective posts about their experience in the industry. Having people from various levels in the company write about their specialisation is a great inbound marketing strategy.

It is an avenue for industry research

LinkedIn outreach strategies should involve genuine networking with your peers. Take the time to expand your connection with your LinkedIn contacts by sharing your insights, asking questions, and seeking out their opinions on business developments.

When you network with other professionals who are in the same speciality, you stay up to date and have a greater awareness of the broader trends shaping your industry.

It is a means for improving your reputation

In 2019, LinkedIn reported that it has 675 million monthly users, a 14 per cent increase from their 2018 figure of 590 million. The company is expecting to grow its user base, and the fact that more than half of LinkedIn users are between 25 to 34 years old indicates a young demographic full of people eager to network and build linkages.

Connect with people and groups on this website using the community features. This will help you increase your company’s visibility. Coupled with a smart content strategy, you will be able to boost people’s perception of your brand and leave them with a favourable impression.

It effective for lead generation and conversion

LinkedIn is the best network for lead generation today. It is possible to obtain leads in a personalised way and engage with these potential customers while on the platform. Many B2B marketers win customers on this website. Those who target specific niches and decision-makers are all the more successful in converting leads. To find the right people for your business, know how to ask the right questions.

Prospects are likely to ask questions in communities or write posts that have questions in them. When you respond to these or network with these individuals, you gain so much more than a contact on social media. At the very least, you will have a prospective warm lead who can connect you with others who need your services.


Social media is not just for brands that sell directly to consumers. Building brand awareness and developing a marketing strategy for these platforms is just as important to B2B companies. Take advantage of the professional network of LinkedIn, and start finding your next business partners or clients on this site.

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Christopher O'Brien

Christopher O'Brien


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