B2B Marketing: 4 Ways That Having an Instagram Profile Can Help Your Business

by | Aug 13, 2020 | Social Marketing 101

Instagram is far from merely being a photo dump for illustrators, photographers, and models. It’s quickly becoming one of the most potent platforms for B2B marketing. Thousands of high-profile B2B organisations use it to increase brand awareness, engage with their audience, and attract new customers.

Maintaining an Instagram account for your B2B company

Creating a business profile for your B2B company can drastically improve your marketing efforts. It’s easier for brands to connect with customers even while they’re moving from one place to another because Instagram is mainly for mobile users. It’s an advantage that marketers know to utilise correctly, especially with the importance of having well-timed campaigns.

In this article, we will share four ways that running an Instagram profile can benefit your business:

1. Helps you personalise your brand

Instagram is all about personalisation, from documenting your daily life to accompanying your posts with your own thoughts and messages. If your company wants to reach out to broader audiences, you should avoid using stock photography or studio-perfect pictures. Save your well-made posters and promo blasts for other networking platforms. Instead, you should prioritise content that shows a realistic view of your company culture.

In contrast to professionally made content, the raw and unfiltered look into your company can help make your brand appear more than just a logo. Use real-time content, such as video streaming, to show the genuine nature of your business’s operations. Doing so improves your image in creating an authentic and human experience with your customers.

2. Increases customer engagement

Business social media profiles should always have consistent and frequent post schedules. That is especially true for Instagram accounts. The convenient method of posting photos and videos directly from your phone makes it easy for you to post content.

The informality of Instagram makes it the best platform for increasing customer engagement. You can upload different types of content without too much editing or pre-planning. Keep in mind that your intention in posting on Instagram is to show a side of you beyond your corporate image. Although you should keep casual on the platform, you also shouldn’t use too unprofessional tone with your posts.

3. Connects you with your target demographic

The best benefit of using Instagram as a platform for brand awareness is that you can conveniently look up related hashtags to your service. Instagram’s curation of different tags for various demographics makes it simple for anyone to look for and post relevant content.

Use your platform to get involved in different movements or groups by attaching the right hashtags at the end of your posts. Stay active in the community by replying and engaging with other users’ posts related to your content or through mutual hashtags.

4. Helps you focus on engagement, not figures

Many businesses tend to focus too much on their metrics. Although it’s crucial to keep track of your objective progress, you should also pay attention to authentic indicators of engagement. Comments and reactions from responsive followers reflect genuine interactions with your brand. These are much more important compared to static figures and data.


Just like other social media platforms, Instagram is an avenue to tell one’s story. Modern consumers nowadays look for brands that know how to laugh, smile, and evoke human emotions beyond merely providing a service. Your proper utilisation of Instagram can help develop your brand’s image as a reliable and trustworthy brand that your customer can trust.

Managing an Instagram profile can be time-consuming for business owners. As such, it is best to work with a lead generation company that can help you make the most of your social media marketing efforts.

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