5 Must-Dos in Lead Generation

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Thousands of businesses are hopping on content marketing trends—only true industry leaders leave a dent in their field. Despite an influx of branded blogs and YouTube campaigns, 61% of marketers aren’t generating as many leads as they want to. Perhaps it’s due to a lack of focus—marketers aren’t prioritising a lead-generating approach. Content is versatile, and you can easily skew it to help funnel leads into your pocket with these five tips.

1. Formulate a Plan

Lead generation is a three-step process—attract, engage, and convert. If your content isn’t ticking all three boxes, your plan may be lacking in direction. Consider the types of content your audience best responds to and whether you have the tools to deliver this particular message. 

Take note of teams that should be involved in content development, such as your marketing and sales teams. Brainstorm ideas and their feasibility—is your team better-equipped to work on an email campaign or social media strategy?

2. Craft Valuable Content

You’ve heard these buzzwords before—valuable, shareable, and meaningful—for a reason! Content shouldn’t just be entertaining, but serve to touch on consumer pain points and common queries. 

Maximise the time your audience is spending on your website by publishing longer-form, gated content that educates. These might include reports, white papers, guides, or checklists. Do it right, and you’ll have visitors coming back for more every week. 

3. Design a Stunning Landing Page

Creating a compelling piece of content doesn’t conclude the job—they have to lead somewhere. Create a landing page that encourages users to take action, whether it be to download an eBook or sign up for a newsletter.

Chances are, first-time visitors won’t be all too willing to share sensitive information, so ask only for what is necessary to prompt a follow-up communication. (We mean a name and email, mostly)

4. Distribute and Promote

Good content is nothing without an audience. Harsh but true, part of a successful lead generation and conversion campaign is to make sure you’re distributing your content sufficiently. 

Use all and any avenues necessary—whether they be your social media channels, email, or YouTube account. Alternatively, you can contribute to other publications or invest in PR. 

5. Nurture Your Leads

Why go through the trouble to generate a lead you’re willing to let go of afterwards? Similarly, if a potential lead isn’t showing much interest in your content, it doesn’t mean you stop trying. Hardly will leads follow through on a purchase the first time you tap them—so you’ll want to keep your brand top-of-mind. 

Keep your email campaigns active and post regularly on social media. Set yourself apart as a dependable resource for audience members, doing what you can to build trust and authority. 


Lead generation is only a dot in the more intricate web of content marketing. The more dedicated you are to its success, the more you’ll see an increase in sales and more fruitful engagements. 

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Christopher O'Brien

Christopher O'Brien


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