Dominating the LinkedIn Game – 3 Steps to Success

by | Sep 10, 2020 | LinkedIn Lead Generation

Lead generation can be a rather tricky business, but if you wish to attract quality leads, your company needs to shift focus on LinkedIn. As a B2B marketer, one of your main goals is to attract only the most qualified leads. LinkedIn has certainly proven time and time again to be the best platform for B2B, as conversion rates are higher and cost per lead is significantly lower. Building leads can also be essentially free, with tools readily available for use. 

In essence, LinkedIn has risen to become the best place to level up your services, especially when it comes to targeting other clients. Similar to social media giants, LinkedIn is where professionals go to stay informed about their respective industries, hire the best possible talents, and seek out new secrets and knowledge to hone their skills. 

There’s no other way to place it—in the B2B landscape, LinkedIn offers you the best environment. To fully understand how to use LinkedIn, here is a step-by-step guide to follow. You’ll be generating new and qualified leads in no time!

Step 1: Build your profile for better and more fruitful connections 

In the professional world of LinkedIn, first impressions matter. Your profile needs to be updated and arranged in the best way possible, but you also need to take into account an important digital tool: optimisation. This is what users see when you request for connections, so make sure to add your name and your photo, ideally, a professionally shot one. 

Your title then needs to be your current job title, which can be further utilised by adding other impressive titles you currently hold. This adds legitimacy as a professional, as you people will likely be hesitant to accept you as a connection with not much to show. 

Step 2: Reach out to the decision-makers

In the business landscape, the sales cycle also matters to lead generation. To sell a service or a product, you must first attract the right audience to close a sale. This could take months and years, however, as the sales cycle can be difficult to follow. 

Whatever industry you are, the best solution is to always find the decision-maker. If you’re offering graphic design solutions, for instance, connect with the people making purchasing decisions—in other words, who holds the authority to make the final business decisions? Here are some of the best people to target: 

  • Sales and marketing directors
  • The HR managers

Step 3: Continuously publish relevant articles

As you continue to build your profile and reach the right prospects, don’t forget to produce good content. Content marketing on LinkedIn is the best way to demonstrate credibility and influence, letting potential clients know that you are indeed an expert in your industry. Use the articles to answer questions, as this builds confidence and reliability when it comes to solving their pain points. 

Your content also serves as an investment, as this will be shared to your followers and connections, furthering your visibility and reach. With a highly visible profile, your business flourishes. And with a flourishing business, your business will be enjoying a boost in credibility and ultimately, success. 

LinkedIn and B2B Lead Generation 

In a business landscape where markets are highly saturated, knowing which platform is best for your brand is key. In the case of B2B, LinkedIn shows the most promising results, which is why investing in it now will help you attain success. So long as you keep your work consistent and your work high quality, your company will be reaping the rewards for years to come.

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Christopher O'Brien

Christopher O'Brien


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